In Sanskrit, drishti means “focused gaze,” and is often used in yoga and meditation practices to create balance and purpose. I call these simple 4″x4″ pieces drishtis because they are specifically created as a beautiful way to remind you of your intention, whether it’s a word-of-the-year or simply something you need more of in your life. They can hang or sit on an altar, desk, etc. For $80, each one is created personally for you, designed around a word of your choosing and whatever unique requests you may have regarding colors, images, or affirmations. This year, I am also offering a slightly larger size (6″x6″) for $95 in response to several inquiries I’ve received.

I am also happy to create intuitively and secretly if you are unsure of what you need or want. After asking you a handful of questions via email, I will create something that comes from my heart that will surprise you in the most serendipitous of ways. It will come wrapped so you can open it at the time of your choosing, making it a wonderful gift for yourself.

Below are some examples of drishtis I have made for others in the past. Please contact me with your unique request.